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Ahmed Abdullah Almotaz

Chairman of the Board

Ahmed Abdullah Almotaz

Bachelor of Accounting, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, King Saud University.

1999 - 2009:


  • General Manager of a large private school for boys and girls in Riyadh and is one of the largest schools in Riyadh, which has nearly  (4000) four thousand students.

1996 - Present:


  • Chairman of the Board of Ahmed Abdullah Al Moataz Trading and Contracting Foundation, which has built more than (150) one hundred and fifty residential units in Riyadh (Villas + Buildings).

  • Chairman of the Board of Ahmed Abdullah Al Moataz Real Estate Services, which manages and operates residential complexes and commercial projects.

  • Chairman of the Board (Owner) of the Arab Private School [Ras Al Khaimah].

  • Founder and Owner of an International School [Sharjah].

  • Established a set of educational and rehabilitation projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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